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Web design and development

Web design and development

Do you need a website or assistance in deciding what options there are for your business? Need changes made to your current site or looking at an online strategy for getting  leads or sales from a website? We look at your business holistically and make suggestions for a website and possible related systems that can complement your business.


Is your current site looking a bit dated or not reflecting the proper corporate image of your business? Let us evaluate your current site and make suggestions on improving the site including :
  • a fresh professional design inline with your corporate identity,
  • making the site easier to navigate and use,
  • speeding up the site,
  • making the site mobile friendly
  • making the structure of the site friendly to the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing),
  • making the information on the site friendly to the search engines,
  • using Google Adwords to get traffic to your site
A website is both a marketing tool and an extension of a business. The website needs to look good so as to make a good first impression and allow visitors to easily and quickly find what they are looking for and interact with you.
Along with looking good a website needs to :
  •     Sell your business and offerings
  •     Gather leads
  •     Present visitors with quick and easy means to find what they are looking for 
  •     Work in all the various web browsers
  •     Load fast
  •     Look good and work functionally well on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet device
  •     Be optimized for the search engines


Website standard features
Custom design and development
Keeping your company's identity foremost, we use your logo and company colors to design and build a website which reflects your company in a professional way.        
Website tracking and statistics
Tracking visitors on your webiste is an important way to understand what visitors are doing on your site and how to better optimize your site.
If you are displaying products or services on your site these statistics could show you exactly what visitors are looking at.
Information would include :
  •     what pages are visitors looking at on your site
  •     how long they spend on certain pages
  •     how long they spend on your site
  •     where in the country and world users are coming from
  •     where visitors are leaving your site
  •     what links visitors are clicking on
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Sites we design and build are search engine optimized sites. This means that the site structure is friendly to the search engines crawling (scanning) your website. Your site is also submitted to the major search engines to speed up the time the search engines take to reach your site and crawl it.
Hosting, email and domain registration
The *first year hosting is included for company websites, we can register your domain (example :  if required and set up email for your unique domain name (example : 
Additional features
There are many further customized options for your site. This includes e-commerce solutions, payment gateways, donation platforms, content management systems, blog, social networking integration and more.
Content management system (CMS)
A content management system allows for easy means to add new information and update your website at anytime. All that is needed is a computer with a browser and access to the internet.
The site you are currently viewing is managed via a content management system. This CMS allows us to change any of the information you are reading in minutes (or seconds if we just copy and pasting text from MS Word etc).
The content editor used in a CMS is very similar to MS Word and anyone with basic MS Word experience will be able to update your site. The CMS is accessed via security log in and all your information is securely stored.
Newsletter and subscription
If you have content you would like to add to a newsletter and send to subscribed users periodically, we can offer a newsletter system and subscription management on your website.
E-commerce/selling online/online enquiries
Products online can be viewed and purchased by 1000's of people at the same time making a website an ideal tool to showcase and sell your products and services.
We offer systems to allow management of your products and integration with payment gateways necessary to allow customers to purchase online. It is however not necessary to have an online payment option as an inquiry to a product or service that you showcase is a great way to receive leads and interact with customers.
*first year hosting - this excludes hosting of high bandwidth sites such as those hosting large scale photo galleries or video. We can however host your site on high impact servers which are optimized for services hosting many images and/or video.


Can we assist you?
Deciding on the best web solution for your business can be overwhelming. There are various options, technologies and jargon that get in the way.

If you have any questions, need any advice or assistance, please contact us.
Thank you for your enquiry.
We will be in contact shortly.

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