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Web application development

Web application development

Web applications are generally websites that have a variety of general or specific functionality outside of a corporate/company or portfolio site. Online banking is an example of a web (or mobile) application.
Other web applications would include :
  • E-commerce/online shops/shopping carts
  • Content management systems
  • Product catalogues
  • Business directories
  • Job advertising and application systems
  • Online booking and ticketing sites
  • Systems with member/client specific areas
  • Online invoicing systems
  • Online accounting systems
  • Property directories
  • Social networks (example Facebook and Twitter)
  • Web mail
  • Online advertising systems


Web (and mobile) applications are becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives from the way we interact (social networks such as Facebook and Twitter) and communicate (email, Whatsapp, Mixit etc) to the way we conduct business and our finances.


This growing use of applications has opened a huge target market globally and business opportunities exist where ideas for applications as solutions can be produced and developed.


In the last 2+ years systems that were traditionally restricted to desktop computers have now found found their way to the Internet. Applications such as online invoicing and accounting systems are now made available for a monthly subscription (example) as opposed to high licencing costs and initial outlay to purchase software. These applications are especially beneficial to small businesses.


From a business feasibility point of view these applications/products can be highly profitable as many of them are open to millions of users, simulatenously,  around the world.


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