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Mobile site design and development

Mobile site design and development

With access to the Internet from smartphones, tables and netbooks growing at a phenomenal pace and soon overtaking desktop computer access, a mobile website is fast becoming a necessity when considering an online presence that reaches the most number of visitors and potential customers.


There is a technique called Responsive design and development that has made the process of getting a mobile friendly site up and running much faster. However a dedicated mobile site allows for more customization and is especially useful for sites that are application driven rather than corporate company or portfolio type sites.


A dedicated mobile site would be recommended for systems including :


  • Mobile commerce/mobile shops
  • Business directories
  • Classifieds
  • Business applications (example online invoicing)
  • Property directories
  • Job directories
  • Location based applications (uses the phones GPS to locate the user)


With more recent technology advancements mobile sites can be built that look and function similar to mobile applications (such as those found in the iPhone and Android stores) and can even be submitted to the Apple AppStore and the Android Play store and sold. Mobile applications are built for a specific device type (referred to as native applications),  example iPhone, Android, Blackberry while a mobile site will work on all of these devices providing much more flexibility. 


A mobile application (examples include games, Whatsapp and the Facebook mobile app) such as one built for the iPhone  has the benefit of being faster and has the capability to access much of the devices functionality such as the camera, GPS, storage, contacts etc whereas a mobile site will have limited access to this functionality. 


We use popular mobile development platforms such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator to develop mobile web applications that can be submitted to the various mobile marketplaces such as the Apple AppStore and the Android Play store.


Below are examples of mobile sites using popular technologies (HTML5/JQuery mobile) :




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